Issue 1, Vol 9. Dhul Hijjah & Muharram 1423 H / February & March 2002
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What is the Islamic Youth Movement?

The Islamic Youth Movement (IYM) is a group of Muslims who's aim is to please Allah .

Their creed (I'tiqad) and methodology (Manhaj) are based on The Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His beloved Prophet Muhammad , according to the understanding of the righteous pbordoecessors.

They have an Amir (leader/president), a Shurah (consultative/executive) Committee, and a number of other committees and divisions.

[The Islamic Youth Movement is registered as a non profitable organisation.]

The IYM concentrates on many fields, including:

Da'wah & Education

This includes study circles in Lakemba Mosque (the largest mosque in Sydney/Australia), in addition to classes for youngsters.

The IYM also runs At-Taqwa Saturday School for Arabic and Islamic studies, hosting over 120 male and female school students.

Media & Publications: The Media Office

Please click here to see information about the Media Office and its various activities.

Sports & Recreation

Observing the need for physical education and its role in building the Muslims of tomorrow, the IYM is involved in a number of sporting activities. These include Soccer, Volley Ball, Table Tennis... etc. Al-Fajer is IYM's sports club.

Other activities include Islamic camps, picnics and the 2 Eid carnivals.

Relief & Aid Activities

The IYM also runs the "Needy and Orphan Sponsoring" project. Although this project is relatively small, it has proven effective.

Its mechanism is simple: Any person wishing to join needs to commit him/herself to a set amount of money ($20, $15, $10, $5, $etc.) that he/she has to pay at the beginning of every month. The amount of money collected from all the different members is used to sponsor orphans, mainly in Tripoli - Lebanon. The good thing about this new mechanism is that the member is not sponsoring a specific orphan, though he/she can if they wish too. This saves the orphan all the trouble when the sponsorer decides to stop his donations. Another advantage is that the $30 or $40 per month that is given to the orphan's guardian(s) is not donated by just one person, rather by 3, 4 or even 5 people. Thus the responsibility is shared by more than one person.

Another important advantage is that the money can be used for other than orphan sponsoring, when needed. Previous other-than-orphan-sponsoring experiences included covering the costs for medicines and/or medical operations, subsidising one student at Al-Azhar in Cairo. In addition to larger scale donations, such as contributing in relief projects for Muslims in Bosnia, Chechnya, Somalia, Lebanon, Algeria.. etc.

Money for Zakat, Zakat al-Fitr and Qurbans (Adahis) is also collected at certain times.


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