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General Information About Nida`ul Islam Magazine

In such a dynamic world of changing events, it is difficult to obtain a concise and unbiased coverage of Islamic issues. In publication since January 1994, and a readership from all over Australia and overseas, Nida'ul Islam has proven to be amongst the best sources of authentic Islamic literature and topics covering the whole Muslim world.

An independent magazine, Nida'ul Islam will provide you with news that directly affects you with regular articles on the political sphere, articles on the youth, Islamic economics, women, special reports etc...

By subscribing to Nida'ul Islam you will be effectively encouraging the establishment of a professional Islamic media. Whether for personal or study purposes, by subscribing to Nida'ul Islam you will receive this bi-monthly magazine, an essential item for any library, organisation, or household.

Publisher & History

Nida'ul Islam is a bi-monthly magazine published in over 72 pages in both the Arabic and English languages. It is produced by the Islamic Youth Movement - Media Office, Sydney-Australia.

Nida'ul Islam's first issue was out in January 1994. Since then, its readership has increased to over 4,000, mainly in Australia, with about 1/6 of them being in Northern America, Europe and other parts of the world.

Price per copy: Free, or a donation.

Goals, Principles & Strategy

Nida'ul Islam is one of very few Islamic magazines published in Australia. The crucial need for objective Islamic media tools, with which Muslims can voice their views and concern, was behind the establishment of Nida'ul Islam.

Nida'ul Islam's Goals can be summarised in what follows:

  1. Originating subjective Islamic media which adheres to the pure teachings of Islam.
  2. Clarifying and presenting the Truth in a direct un-compromising way.
  3. Reflecting the views of the Jihad stream amongst the Islamic movements.
  4. Safeguarding and standing up to the zionist-crusade assaults against Islam and Muslims.
  5. Planting and promoting the authentic Islamic teachings and principles, which are based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah as understood by our Salaf Salih - the first three guided generations, our righteous predecessors, may Allah be pleased with them all.
  6. Presenting the Islamic alternative since Islam is a complete system of life, and supplying the Islamic rulings with regards to the modern inventions, especially on the economical side.
  7. Striving towards producing a section in the society which understands Islam to its true reality, and which realises that Jihad is the only path to establish the Islamic State, and which therefore acts accordingly.
  8. Confronting and responding to the misguidance and misconseptions promoted by the deviated sects, and which are directly supported by the international Jeudo movements and the Free Masons.
  9. Clarifying the important and controversial Islamic concepts to the sons of the Islamic movements.
  10. Maintaining the Islamic identity in the Western societies and bidding to strengthen their ties with the Muslim Ummah, so that they may share its sorrows and happiness.
  11. Giving the youth generation the attention it requires, since it forms the fuel for the Islamic movement in general and the Jihad stream in specific.

Important Guidelines and Principles Adopted by the Magazine

  1. Independence. Nida'ul Islam is not part of a specific organisation on the international sphere.
  2. Subjectiveness in its presentations. However, this subjectiveness abides and is judged according to the Islamic values.
  3. Undauntedness and fearlessness in analysing and writings, since we fear no one but Allah (s.w.t.). Wisdom, however, is to be applied according to the main legitimate interests.
  4. Specialism, since Nida'ul Islam addresses a specific section in the society, and that is the committed youth generation which holds sufficient Islamic understanding. This however does not mean to ignore the other sections of the society, but the main emphasis and concentration should be on the youth section.
  5. Excellence, since Nida'ul Islam aims at covering the topics and issues relevant to the Muslim nation as a whole, and avoids covering issues of small or no importance, or issues which are repeated and covered by a large number of Islamic publications.
  6. Clarity in coverage.

Nida'ul Islam's future strategy includes:

  • Publishing it on a monthly basis.
  • Publishing an international Arabic-only edition, and an international English-only edition.
  • Recruiting more youths in media activities. This should include journalisim, typesetting and design.


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