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Sydney 10 June 2018:  Last night’s program titled The Australian Connections on the ABC’s Four Corners had nothing new to add except fanning the propaganda campaign hatred and fear against Islam and Muslims.

Based on a so-called ‘secret CIA intelligence report’ containing allegations on terrorism, Four Corners’ Sally Neighbour identified Belal Khazal, one of the members of the Islamic Youth Movement (IYM), as a leader of Al Qaida in Australia, claiming that he had been trained in Afghanistan; he was a financier of the ‘Isbat Al-Ansar’ in South Lebanon; and that he was planning for terrorist attacks in Philippines and Venezuela.

Although Four Corners in the past had produced some excellent reports with in-depth analyses, last night’s report was a giveaway to Australia’s racist and special interest groups.

Four Corners must have been desperate to rely on a ‘secret CIA intelligence report’ simply because, although the ABC are aware of the farcical nature of so-called reports from ‘intelligence’ agencies, it chose to run with it, hailing it as ‘new intelligence’.

If the CIA had such ‘intelligence’ since June 2002, it had certainly kept Australia, and the Australian security agencies, in the dark for almost a year and, now, chose to leak it to Four Corners.

There is nothing new to CIA lies and deception. CIA’s assessment of Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s ‘Dossier’ on Iraq are just two of the most widely publicised pieces of trashy ‘intelligence’ report, authored primarily to inflict damage and harm to Muslims.

In the absence of hard facts, Four Corners based its story on a CIA fabricated report; and it also rehashed old allegations of training camps, linkage to terrorist organisations and threat to Australia’s security, all of which were refuted several years ago.  

Moreover, Four Corners attempted to link Jamaat Islami (JI) and IYM, as though both organisations were coordinating some kind of ‘terrorist’ network inside Australia, when there is no link between the two organisations.

For the record, Belal Khazal is member of the IYM; he did not receive training of any kind in Afghanistan or elsewhere; he did not raise any funds for any organisations, and he did not, nor intend to, plan ‘terrorist’ attacks in the Philippines, Venezuela or anywhere else.

Belal and other members of the IYM have been targeted because they are Muslims and they have been labeled as ‘terrorists’ by the likes of CIA, ASIO, and other security agencies. 

It’s utter media nonsense Belal had been shifted due to security concerns. Actually he resigned as result of serious back injury. Nor was his passport cancelled before leaving for Pakistan. Authorities will confirm Belal’s passport was confiscated whilst heading off to Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).

Four Corners would have had a better target if it chose to look closer at the ‘victimised’ Rabbi Gutnik—one who had used his personal wealth and influence in the Australian society to fund the repression of the Zionist regime of Israel and the terrorist Jewish settlers, responsible for the killing hundreds of innocent Palestinian women, children and elderly, and the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian homes.

But instead, the story has helped to defame Belal Khazal and the IYM; inflame racial hatred of Arabs and Muslims, and instil fear in the general community, endangering the lives of Australian citizens. 

Four Corners has endangered the life of an Australian citizen and his family, as a result of foreign ‘intelligence’ report, which is illegal and unconstitutional.

The IYM calls on all concerned Australians to voice their opposition to this gross violation of civil rights and liberties.

The IYM also calls on all Muslims to stand united against the racist reporting of Four Corners.

The IYM and Belal reserve the right to seek legal advice to prosecute ABC’s Four Corners and its reporter Sally Neighbour for their shameful reporting inciting hatred against Muslims in Australia.

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