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 Interview with Hamas leader Dr Abdel Aziz Al Rantisi:

‘Intifada shall not stop’

Dr Abdel Aziz Al Rantisi is one of the founding leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas. Now aged 55, Rantisi spent most of his life struggling against the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

He was six months old when his parents fled the Zionist occupation to Gaza, then part of Egypt. He studied pediatrics in Egypt, later working at a hospital in Gaza and earning a degree in medicine.

Dr Rantisi has been in and out of Zionist prisons, spending more than seven years behind bars altogether. He was expelled to Lebanon in 1992 with 400 other Hamas members.

Dr Rantisi is now the spokesperson of the Palestinian resistance. In an interview, he speaks to Nida’ul Islam magazine:

How do you interpret the cowardly assassination attempt on your life, and the assassination policies of the Israelis in general, whose latest victim was Al-Qawasimy commander in Hebron?

Firstly, this is the custom of the Jews, for they are the killers of prophets, and the killers of the preachers who enjoin justice. Their criminal nature will never change.

Secondly, they have exercised all types of terrorism in their attempt to break the determination of the Palestinian people. When they failed, they proceeded with their cowardly assassination operations, which inflict them no loss. They utilise the most advanced military technology to confront an unarmed nation that has no means to defend itself.

Furthermore, they realise that Hamas is the influential power driving the resistance in Palestine; hence they continuously direct their strikes at this movement.

The Jews have designs and ambitions in Palestine and in surrounding countries, and they utilize terrorism to materialise their plans and accomplish their ‘holy’ prophecies.

It is from this angle we can understand their assassination attempts at the leadership of the Islamic movement, following their failure to bring the Palestinian people to their knees through the mass killing and massacres of children, elderly and women.

As Muslims, we view the events in the blessed land of Palestine as an ongoing struggle between Truth and falsehood. Does Hamas share the view of some secular Palestinian factions that the aim of the struggle is to take back the territories that were occupied in 1967? 

During the Aqabah Summit and the days that followed, Sharon asserted this land is Jewish and that this state is Jewish; and stressed that the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are Israeli lands, meaning that there is no room for the Palestinian people in Palestine, rather there is no presence for such a people according to him. As for us in Hamas, our charter states Palestine is a Muslim land that falls under the category of ‘Waqf’ in Islamic Law. Hence no leader, group, people or any generation is permitted to surrender a single hand-span of it to a non-Muslim. This is why we do not recognise the sovereignty of Jews on a hand-span of our country.

From here we can see that the battle will continue because in true reality it is a battle for our own existence and is not a battle over borders. This battle will end with a triumph that Allah (swt) will bestow upon His believing servants, and we shall regain every hand-span of our country (encompassing all land) between its sea-borders (in the west) to its river (in the east).

The US has been leading the efforts to eradicate the Islamic movements in recent times, especially in Palestine, and has named Hamas in particular. What is the ideal strategy to counter this campaign?

We realise the US is unable to do anything to counter us because the US does not have the same terrorist means and terrorist tactics as Sharon, who is currently living in a state of defeat, despair and frustration due to his failure to face up to the resistance, especially Hamas. The US is unable to prevent the support of the Muslims from reaching Hamas because we do not receive the support of any country or organisation. We only have the donations we receive from Muslim individuals in every corner of the globe, and the US stands helpless with this type of aid.

The US, however, can try to entice the Palestinian Authority against us, which is most troubling to us. We do not wish to enter into a civil internal war, for such a war is capable of wiping out the Palestinian existence and terminating the Palestinian cause in favour of the enemy. This was the reason we took the initiative to declare a temporary and conditional truce, with the aim of foiling the US-Zionist scheme. 

Arab Regimes, especially the Egyptian government, have been applying intensive pressures on Hamas in order to materialise the US plans in the region. How does Hamas deal with these pressures?

We always seek to have good ties with Arab countries because such ties can serve our struggle. The Arab countries do not have the necessary means to pressure us, as we are perhaps the only movement in the world that has complete independence, with Allah’s Grace. We do not follow any regime, for none of the regimes in the region or in the world actually provides any aid to Hamas. This stops them from being in a position to influence our independent decisions. In addition, we do not have any organisation in any of the Arab countries, for them to trouble us with. This is why it is not easy for pressure to be applied on us.

However, we strive to avoid making the atmosphere tense between our Arab countries and us. I wish to stress we were not subject to any pressures from Egypt or from any other Arab country.

The US-made ‘Road Map’ with international capping, was imposed upon the Palestinian side. How can Hamas overcome this conspiracy?

We have stated clearly the ‘Road Map’ is a conspiracy against the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian existence. The very first stage of this conspiracy comprises of the US and the Zionist lobby striking at the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas. The US was hoping that the Palestinian Authority would enter into an internal war with Hamas. We took our decision in favour of a temporary and conditional truce in order to avoid falling into this trap. We are confident the ‘Road Map’ will not lead to peace, or to the recovery of the legitimate and national rights.

The ‘Road Map’ is on its way to failure. That’s if it has not already failed even before it began. This is especially true following Sharon’s declaration that he has fourteen reservations on the ‘Road Map’. Finally, the ‘Road Map’ in its essence is not a peace plan, and is deemed to end in failure and extinction. It will share the same fate as the Oslo agreement.

How do you assess the relationship between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, which was only formed initially with the aim of bring the armed Palestinian resistance to an end?  And what effect will the appointment of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) as a PM have on this relationship, especially in light of his religious beliefs and, regional and international ties?

We strive and spare no effort for the general interest of our people whilst maintaining a balance in our struggle against the occupation. We will continue to exercise all our efforts to prevent the war from turning into an internal Palestinian one. We always maintain an opening for settlement with the Palestinian Authority. However this is not going to be on the account of our legitimate national rights, and will not be on the account of the principles and goals Hamas has set for itself in its efforts to serve the supreme national interest of the Palestinian people. The gravity is not limited to a particular person, rather it is found in the political agenda that this person believes in. I cannot see a major difference between Abu Mazen’s agenda and that of Yassir Arafat.

What are the main challenges for the blessed Intifada, and what are your priorities in these complex circumstances?

First comes the US-Zionist effort to cause internal fighting.

Then comes the major challenge of affirming the endurance of the Palestinian people to continue its struggle against occupation. The Palestinian people have suffered severely, and yet they remain alongside with the resistance. We have very high morale with Allah’s grace. However, we need to meet the needs of the people to help them remain steadfast.

There is also another challenge: The traitors and agents who undermine the security of our internal front.

Our priority remains to affirm the endurance of the Palestinian people, persisting with the Intifada and resistance, and maintaining the unity of the Palestinian society, Inshaallah.

How can the Intifada survive in light of the truce with the occupying enemy, especially considering the known Zionist cunning and deception for this nation since the time of our Prophet Muhammad (saw)?

Certainly the Intifada is continuing and shall not stop. Truce may actually be a cause for stirring up the Intifada not weakening it. The Zionists have nothing to offer to our Palestinian people, and time will prove this Inshaallah. As for the truce, it is our opinion that truce is an exceptional, temporary case, and its main aim is to maintain the choice of resistance.

Following the closure of the Hamas representative offices in Damascus, is it feasible to rely on the Arab regimes in supporting the blessed Intifada, even if that support was to be marginal?

We are fully aware the Arab countries are unable to face up to the pressures of the US, despite their hidden sympathy with the Intifada and resistance. The truth is we have been struggling without relying on the Arab regimes, rather our reliance is on Allah exalted and elevated be He, then on the Arab and Muslim people. The closure of our representative offices here and there will not have the least effect on the persistence of our resistance, and will not lead to undermining it.

How do you assess the popular movements in various parts that support the blessed Intifada? Do you hope for any serious initiatives in your support? And how can this be materialised?

There is no doubt the popular role of the Arab and Muslim nations are important in supporting the Intifada and resistance. The people have moved strongly at various stages of the glorious Intifada, but at times they remained inactive, which may make it look as though the people are hindering their support. I am confident the Arab and Muslim people remain full of life, but they are in need of someone to lead them and activate them, and this is the role that must be played by the organisations, parties and groups, especially the Islamic ones. I certainly believe the people have much more to offer than what they are currently offering, but they are in need for those who can unleash their restrained capacity.

How does Hamas plan to counter the US campaign that has global support, to prevent the Muslims in all parts of the world from supporting their Muslim brethren in Palestine?

The US has enough power and hatred towards the Muslims, especially the Jihad Islamic movements; and they stand helpless in their attempts to stop the support of the Muslims to their brethren in the Hamas movement. As a matter of fact, the more intense the US campaign against Hamas is, the greater the support of Muslims to Hamas gets. This clearly shows the defiance against the US arrogance. There is no support from governments or organizations to Hamas, it is only the Muslim individuals who do so in secret ways against which the US remain powerless.  

Would you like to direct a word to the Muslim Ummah in general, and the Muslim community of Australia in particular?

Our beloved and honoured brothers and sisters in faith: Firstly we realise your hearts and souls are with us, and you hope to find yourself one day at the same frontline with us in defence of the Muslim lands, sacred sites and blood, and in defence of the honour of the Muslim Ummah. We plead with you not to limit your support to aiding your Jihad movement, rather we strongly advise you to boycott the goods of your enemies as much as you can. This will cause them to weaken, and it is a type of struggle in Allah’s cause. We also request from the Muslim community in Australia, in addition to their commendable efforts, that they do not forget us from their Du’a (supplication) to Allah, because we are in need for the Du’a of the righteous Inshaallah. We also wish to extend to you our deep greetings and regards.

Finally, we can only thank our brothers in the Editing Team of Nida’ul Islam, and ask Allah (swt) to bless their efforts and guide them to that which He loves and is pleased with.


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