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 clash of religions

‘Terrorists’ and Adherents of the Universal Order

By Mohamad Abu Hisham...

Yet again images of a crowd of joyous Muslims grace our screens as the ‘liberators of Iraq’ stride intrepidly into freedom-less territory. The sight of an American flag being raised on top of an Iraqi institution was an ominous signal. Now Iraq is free. No matter what happens on this land from now onwards the stars and stripes are raised high above the land—oppression is no more.

And thus mainstream media struggled to lend credence to the liberator theory by beaming live pictures of smiling young men representing ‘the people’ smashing the Saddam icons. Yet the vast majority of Iraqis were sitting at home, wondering perhaps who these men were and what they were really celebrating. In a strange way they, too, were the viewers watching the fate of Iraq play out without them for they were excluded from the equation. And why is that we may ask? Perhaps they are not ‘the people’, the citizens of the world that we have become so familiar with over recent conflicts.

We have been trained to identify with ‘the people’; they are the ones waiting for the cameras to switch on and for the soldiers to pick up their stride. And as if on cue, they turn on the music, he brandishes a razor and begins to shave his beard and she takes off her veil. Success has been attained. Freedom, liberty and democracy have risen once again.

This is what the propaganda war is really about. Isn’t it? There must be images of ‘the people’ being liberated. Never mind the millions in their homes, a sense of evil foreboding dawning on them, a slow realisation that occupation had now settled in.

Today the notion of the Muslim people invokes images of a blurry mass of faceless entities.  We have come to know these people too. The invaded Muslims of Kuwait who needed liberation; the ethnically cleansed Muslims of Bosnia who needed repatriation; the starving Muslims of Somalia who needed food; the oppressed Muslims of Afghanistan who needed freedom, and the barbaric Muslims of Palestine who needed discipline.

The images we see today conjure up a perception of Muslims as domesticated animals. They are either portrayed as recipients of humanitarian aid, or they are subjected to harsh punishment and discipline when they transgress the line of acceptable behavior. 

Whatever their behavior, we are given the impression they are not citizens of this world. At least not like a westerner. They are simply not the same. That is why September 11 was so horrific. Only those who died in those towers are real people. Real people don’t die in such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, or Somalia, to name a few. In these far off lands are faceless entities with no name and no story. They are nobody.

During the war in Iraq we heard a curious phenomenon with the emergence of shadowy figures fighting an unconventional war. Where did they come from? They were not from Iraq, and yet they were giving their lives for Iraq. They had left their homes and their families. They have traveled all over the world to come and resist the invasion. And resist they did in any way they could. Who were they? The media tells us in a statement by an American General who called them ‘terrorists’ and ‘cowards’. We are told that if captured they may be transported to Guantanamo Bay.

And now dehumanisation reaches new heights with the concept of an ‘unlawful combatant’. Even when a citizen of the world commits a crime, even a serious one as murder, he or she remains a ‘lawful criminal’. But here are ‘unlawful criminals’, people who can be punished with impunity and whose lives have no real value. An enemy intentionally excluded from world citizenry thereby not deserving even the most basic of human rights such as presumption of innocence. The admission of the US government that more than half of those in Guantanamo Bay were probably innocent of the charges (putting aside the ridiculousness of the charges to begin with) leveled against them delineates the extent of this behavior.

So we see the definition of a new type of conflict emerge. Members of a dehumanised mass known as the ‘Muslim people’ are ‘unlawful combatants’ because they resist the universal order—an order imposed by military might. And in this case the so-called neutral institutions like the UN, the Red Cross, and so forth, responsible for liaising between warring parties have become effectively irrelevant. To begin with, they represent the universal order, and therefore are part of the process of crushing resistance and simultaneously providing humanitarian aid to the dehumanised populations of the Muslim world. The Muslim population must be disassociated with those ‘terrorists’ who challenge the universal order.

Ironically aren’t these ‘terrorists’ from ‘the people’? Those who chose to disagree with the universal order? Doesn’t democracy claim to be ‘from the people’? What if ‘the people’ don’t want this universal order?  What is the verdict of the highest echelons of this universal order on the non-adherents of the universal order?

The verdict is clear; they are excluded from the domain of humanity altogether. And so we see adherents of the universal order in a true light. The system of plurality they champion applies only to those who accept the system. Is this not the very definition of religion?

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