Issue 1,Volume 10 January/March 2018 - Safar/Rabeh Thani 1424H
Cover Story:
American Global Terrorism
The Religious Roots of the upcoming US war
Local Affairs:
Three little guys with big guns
Political Affairs :
Turkey's Justice & Development Party
Our Youth:
The Blacksmith and the Perfumery
Insight :
The Deception of a Defensive Superpower
Fiqh :
Islamic Teachings :
The Legacy of Ibrahim

The Propaganda Machine

Australian Freedom

"There is a tremendous amount of evidence to demonstrate that the U.S. has consistently involved itself in the use of terrorism,"...
Letter from the Editor, January 2018:

All Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Mohamed.

In this issue, our cover takes an in-depth look how the US war on Iraq fits in the 'American Global Terrorism', which over the years had resulted in the deaths of millions of people of various races, cultures and religions.

We also look at Turkey and answer why the secular state of Turkey has to be maintained, even by so-called Islamic parties.

On the local front, we look at the disgraceful subservience of the Howard Government to the US, and how dangerous Howard has become.

You will notice we have introduced a few new sections, including 'Insight', 'Letters to the Editor', and 'In Review'. We have also maintained the 'Reader's Contribution' section. And Jazakallah Kheir for all the articles we have received. Unfortunately we cannot publish all of them.

Afghanistan Al-Muslimah

Southern Philippines:US sends 1,700 marines

IRAQ:US plans of military rule in the middle east

Morocco:Detaining muslims in the name of US terror

Palestine:Isreali government intensifies its criminal campaign

Chechnya:Russia states its losses


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