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Al-Aqsa Intifada: Between Jewish Losses and Arafatian Conspiracy

US War on Islam (Episode Two)
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Surat al-Massad
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Hateful Voice of the Daily Telegraph
US War on Islam...
Episode Two By: Nida`ul Islam

The US policy in the Middle East is centered on three strategic objectives: • Protecting the criminal state of ‘Israel’;
• War on Islam under the guise of fighting terrorism; and
• Ensuring continuous and cheap oil supply upon which the US economy is highly dependent.

Regardless of whether they are Republican or Democrats, all US governments plan and act according to the above objectives. Their national policies are executed separately to avoid disruption to their strategic foreign policies.

However, the S11 attacks had spoiled these plans and strategies, and had confused the US administrators, who did not expect to suffer such a blow to hit its economy and military might at home.

The US then had to devise new plans and strategies in response to these attacks. Their ‘crusade’ on Afghanistan, amongst other policies and actions, sparked growing anti-American sentiments throughout the Muslim world, causing the US to enter into a new cold war.

The second chapter of the US war on Islam began with calls to wage war on Iraq using hollow arguments in clear contradiction to international law that prohibits interfering in another country’s internal affairs. The US president has clearly stated that the aim of his new war on Iraq is to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime and replace it with a ‘democratic’ regime, similar to the defector government in Kabul.

Taking advantage of the support it had for its so-called war on terrorism, the US administration has since spared little efforts in trying to gather international and regional support to its proposed war.

Despite that most countries have rejected the US plans against Iraq for various reasons, it appears that the US preparation for the war is in full swing, especially in terms of logistics preparation, troops deployment to the region, and increased military weapons production to compensate for the massive amount used in Afghanistan.

Through this war, the USA aims to achieve the following objectives:
• To cover for the failure of its terrorist war in Afghanistan despite the deceiving media reports suggesting otherwise. The US forces in Afghanistan are facing intensifying resistance from Mujahideen, something recently acknowledged by the head of US forces in Afghanistan. The indiscriminate US bombing and massacres ongoing harassment and search campaigns and the excessive use of force and military power, have all aroused the anger of the Afghani towards the criminal policies of the Americans and their allies. This has helped Mujahideen to intensify their daily attacks against US targets throughout Afghanistan.

• To assume greater control over the crude oil resources in the Middle East, even though the past US administrations have tried to decrease their reliance on Muslim-based oil, yet America still imports 53 percent of its oil requirements from the Middle East. • To draw the attention of the American people away from the deteriorating economy from the heavy losses the US has suffered following the S11 attacks, especially the American exchange markets which has lost $7 trillion (7,000,000 million US dollars), in addition to the bankruptcy of more than 255 companies, including a number of the big players in the American economy.

• To draw support for the Republican Party in the upcoming Congress and State elections, especially after support for George W. Bush dropped from 74 percent at the start of the crusade on Afghanistan to 59 percent recently. This is to be done through spreading fear amongst the American people from external threats, pushing them to support the current administration, its plans and damaging policies.

• To relieve the Zionists in Palestine from the charge of Al-Intifadah, and to deter the attention of the International and Islamic communities towards the war on Iraq, giving the assassin Sharon a free hand to continue with his terrorist war against the armless and defenseless people of Palestine, with the possibility of mass deportation of Palestinians to neighbouring countries.

Finally, the US administration made no secret, one of their goals behind this proposed war is to ‘liberate’ and initiate change within the Muslim countries in the region, which clearly means the war will not be limited to Iraq; and it will open the door wide open for the US to divide the region to even smaller countries to serve and guard its interests, and to guarantee the security of the Zionist state.

At the same time, there is no guarantee such a war will not enrage the region with waves of angry uprisings against the ruling regimes, whether they were supporting or simply silent towards this war. This could lead—if accompanied by similar attacks to S11—to unprecedented changes and events in the world.

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