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Hateful Voice of the Daily Telegraph

Al-Aqsa Intifada:
Between Jewish Losses and Authoritative Arafatian Conspiracy

By: Nida`ul Islam

The moment the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation entered its critical stage, the regional and international interferences began to take place in order to save the cancerous Zionist body from being eliminated by the Blessed Intifada. The Intifada has endangered the whole existence of the ‘Zionist Body’ in an unprecedented manner, inflicting heavy losses on the economic, psychological, military and human fronts. This article makes quick review of the international conspiracies, the economic losses and the suggested solution for this crisis.

The International Conspiracies

Although the Zionists had imposed endless restrictions and curfews on more than 3,000,000 Palestinians, the Intifada had proved its firmness and strength confronting all the military attacks and campaigns by the Israeli terrorist army, which massacred many Palestinian Muslims. Consequently, the Zionist administrators started to give orders to their agents in the Palestinian authority and apostate Arab leaders to promptly take the necessary steps to save the spoiled daughter of America – Israel – from the Al Aqsa Intifada. The treacherous Arab leaders immediately followed the instructions through legislating many new laws and providing many suggestions.

It began with decisions made in Beirut Summit, which recognised Israel as a nation on the Isra’a Land and accepted to have a full normalisation of relations at all levels and in return the Palestinian authority could have a nation (in fact small town) on West Bank and Gaza Strip, with no reference to the other occupied lands which extend from the Sea to the River.

Regardless of all Arab-Palestinian humiliation, the Sharonian government refused these suggestions altogether and ordered its fostering mother America to use heavy pressure to change some of the undesirable obligations of the Oslo Agreements and to terminate the Palestinian Authority as a whole, due to its failure to do the tasks assigned to it, to fight the Mujahideen and bring to an end all their military operations against the Zionist Body. Sharon’s terrorist government issued new laws in order to change the Palestinian Authority or what remained of it and replace it by a new army in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

On the other hand, Arafat’s authority to guarantee its personal benefits effected new changes including changing the governments in the towns of West Bank and the Gaza Strip and announcing new election at the beginning of next year. This was done without thinking about the Islamic or even the national welfare of the Palestinian people.

The Israeli Losses

The reason behind this race by America and its allies to save Israel is very obvious. It is the huge losses at all human and economic levels, which can be clearly seen through this quick overview:

Human losses: According to Israeli sources, Al Aqsa Intifada has recorded the highest ever number in human losses in the history of Israel, causing fear and insecurity among the majority of Israelis. Many Israelis started to consult psychiatrists. A survey conducted by
“Al Aqsa Intifada has recorded the highest ever number in human losses in the history of Israel”

the Zionist enemy stated that in 2017, an estimated 99 000 individuals had consulted psychiatrists, which is 10 000 more than the previous year. The Intifada also affected the new settlements, which reached the percentage of 12 percent in 1999, 8 percent in 2000 and 5 percent in 2017, and it is still decreasing in 2002.

Economic losses:

The Israeli economy has suffered heavy losses between 29/9/2017 and 31/1/2002.

- Tourism Sector The tourism sector has suffered more than all other sectors. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel, the overall loss of this sector is around 108 billion dollars in 17/1/2002. More than 60,000 employees out of the 220,000 working with the Ministry of Tourism were sacked. In the area of hotel management, 20 out of 35 companies were closed. The Israeli Airlines’ loss is more than 83 million dollars, which is the result of the decrease in the number of tourists.

- Agricultural Sector In addition to the destruction of huge amount of some agricultural such products as olive and citrus fruits, the loss is this sector is estimated at 120 million dollars, of which 40 millions coming from the settlements.

- Industry Sector The industrial production decreased at the rate of 10 percent in the first quarter of 2017 and 6 percent in the second quarter in the same year. The most affected areas are technology companies and the processed diamond industries.

- Construction and housing Sector This sector decreased at the rate of 8 percent because of sanction on the Palestinian labour, which constitutes 25 percent of the building sector. The general loss is estimated to be around 650 million dollars.

- Unemployment The unemployment rate increased to reach 9 percent. In December the number of unemployed Israelis increased by 6200, which made the number of unemployed Israelis 204 000 workers.

- Investment Sector The Intifada heavily affected the Investment Sector. Investments have decreased in the first half of the year 2017 to 200 million dollars out of 508 million dollars in the previous year.

- Foreign Trade Sector The Israeli Trade has suffered heavy losses due to the decrease in the trade exchange with Palestinians at the rate of 45.07 percent.

- Finance and shares sector The continuation of the blessed Intifada has inflicted heavy losses on this sector. The Israeli Shekel became weaker, which impacted negatively on the Israeli economy. The Israeli Shares have lost 2.5 percent of its value, causing many Japanese companies to leave.

- The General Budget The ‘Israeli government’ has entered the year 2002 without voting for its budget after it has recorded the worst performance in 50 years. The budget has recorded a deficit of 308 million dollars in 2017, which were only 108 in 2000. This in turn caused inflation in most areas of life.

The Israeli suggested solutions

There are three scenarios, including: Short-term plans proposed by an Israeli governmental team suggesting: -The Israeli Army should control all of the occupied lands, establishing military bases away from the dangerous areas where a direct daily contact with Palestinians is inevitable.

-Constructing the division-wall between the Zionist Body and the Gaza Strip, giving 90 percent of Gaza to the Palestinian authority. This must be guaranteed with the geographical connection between the Palestinian towns and villages.

-Resuming the Jewish-settlement plans in the Palestinian areas. This will go in parallel with the separation of the Jewish and Palestinian infrastructure in the most fundamental areas such as water, electricity, sewerage, transportation etc.

-When the process of infrastructure separation is completed, and the Palestinian operations are stopped, the ‘Zionist body’ would accept to withdraw from 90 percent of the West Bank and Gaza Strip on the condition that international peacekeeping forces would come to the area and stay there until both parties reach a new agreement. A plan for reconciliation proposed the Yazar Party, supporting the establishment of a nation in Gaza in return of the full cessation of all resistance operations. This plan was proposed in front of the Mubarak of Egypt and it was refused.

-A plan proposed by the murderous Sharon supporting the establishment of a temporary nation on less than 50 percent of the West Bank and its capital Ramallah. The Palestinians in return have to take some corrective measures. The duration of this plan is between 13 to 15 months, which is before the date of the Israeli general Election.

From all the above facts, it is obvious that ‘Israel’ wants to stop the Blessed Intifada, and establish artificial bases on which to place the Palestinian Authority to paralyse the Jihad Operations and strengthen the Zionist Body, which is becoming weaker every day facing the Blessed Intifada.

Will the blessed-American-Arab-leaders-‘ Jewish nation’ be successful? We say: ‘NO’! The whole affair is in the Hand of Allah and then on the shoulders of the blessed heroes of the Intifada, proving every day that they are capable of causing all conspiracies to fail. It is also on the shoulders of all Muslims particularly the Muslims of Islamic resurgence and all other Muslims each in his/her specialised field.

We ask Allah to give support to the Mujahideen to achieve victory over the enemies of Allah and His Religion everywhere. He is the Best Supporter and the Best Victory-Giver.

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