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Australians Shooting for Israel? By: Dawood Yusuf

Unless Federal Government intervenes, young Australian Jews will be shooting for Israel.

Australian Jews are offered ‘army experience’ in Israel involving basic training, and shooting M-16 rifles. Not everyone is so naïve to believe that the Jewish recruits are merely attending ‘youth camps’.

According to the Australian Jewish Democratic Society’s newsletter (July/August 2000, P30), the Jewish Defense Organisation (JDO), an offshoot of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s notorious Jewish Defense League (JDL), was operating a summer camp for ‘training Jewish kids in the use of guns and martial arts.’

The head of the JDO, Mordechai Levy, pleaded guilty to charges of assault on a 12- year-old Russian immigrant boy, whom he reportedly kicked in the face and eye in a lesson that he wanted to teach the boy. Levy was also reportedly ‘arrested and investigated for unlawful wiretapping, rioting, disturbing the peace, fighting, destruction of property, and obscene phone calls.’ (Shimon Bar-Lev, The Jerusalem Post (International)

In a hostile and belligerent place as Israel and with such organisers as the JDL behind the scenes, one can sure ‘youth camps’ have different meanings.

Predictably, a senior diplomat from the Israeli Embassy in Canberra was quick to shrug criticism of the recruitment of Australian Jews as a ‘sheer propaganda’. The Australian Federal Police had equally downplayed the recruitment.

According to an article by The Sydney Morning Herald on 4 July, the federal agent Bob Wynn, who headed some kind of investigation, was reported to have said that there was a difference in learning to fire M- 16 in a friendly democratic country [Israel] to doing so with a terrorist organisation.

“Australian Muslims had been under ASIO surveillance; their passports confiscated; and homes raided. All this, on unsubstantiated arguments that they had received military training overseas”

In the same article, Craig Skehan reported on an article in the Australian Jewish News (31 May), which referred to 20 Australians from Sydney and Melbourne going to Israel as volunteers to fill a labour shortage arising from the current large call-up of reservists.

However, the findings (if any) of the socalled investigation of the Australian Federal Police would probably never be known to the Australian public.

By contrast, ordinary Australian Muslims in recent times had been under ASIO surveillance; their passports confiscated; and homes raided. All this, on unsubstantiated arguments that they had received military training overseas and that they represented potential risk to Australia’s security!

It seems likely the Federal Government, armed with the ‘anti-terror’ laws, will ensure the hype of the US ‘war on terrorism’ is maintained, and whilst supposedly hunting down ‘Muslim suspects’, it will actually provide the necessary cover for Australian Jews joining Israeli military forces for ‘army experience’.

There is no indication that the government will intervene. It has to. Or else young Australians will begin shooting for Israel.

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