[This article was published in the 20th issue of Nida'ul Islam
magazine (), September-October 1997]

Christian Missionaries in the Muslim World
Manufacturing Kufr

In the Washington Post, February 22nd, the CIA admitted a "controversial loophole" that permits the agency to "employ clerics and missionaries for clandestine work overseas". During famines, you will find them swarming to our lands under the cloak of 'aid' or 'relief' work. They will bring aid and relief but it isn't given to the Muslims for free - it does have a price.
If you go to a missionary church in a typical African country you'll find that it resembles a mosque more than the archetypal church. The worshippers stand in rows during prayer and sit on the ground in circles during classes... When reciting the bible they even use a style of recitation exactly the same as the Qura'nic Tajweed. It's all a calculated deception... Perhaps the most insidious method used by the missionaries is to kidnap Muslim children from war-torn countries and sell them to non-Muslims to raise as disbelievers.

"And from those who call themselves Christians, We took their covenant, but they have abandoned a good part of the Message that was sent to them. So We planted amongst them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection (when they discarded Allah's Book, disobeyed Allah's Messengers and His Orders and transgressed beyond bounds in Allah's disobedience), and Allah will inform them of what they used to do." [5: 14]


In evangelical jargon they call it the 10/40 window. The 10/40 window is the rectangle with boundaries of latitudes 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. To the modern day crusaders of the Christian missions it is exactly what China is to the Coca Cola company - one billion people just dying to hear the message. The 10/40 window takes in the newly independent states of Central Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East and part of Africa.

This region has become the target of unprecedented efforts by Christian missionaries to convert the Muslims to their religion. Like a cancerous growth, we are seeing Christians gain a foothold in the lands of the believers. The first time these crusading forces came with swords and suits of armor, this time they arrive with credit cards and million-dollar aid cheques. Employing Faustian machinations, these human shayateen are converting many Muslims to their false religion and serving to inject a virulent poison into the stream of the Ummah. The Muslim world is under attack.

Alhamdulillah, Islam has spread all over the world rapidly and with amazing acceptance. As such, the shirk and kufr of Christianity is under threat. In response, they are 'fighting back' through escalated missionary activity. Christian Aid provides an excellent insight into 'why they do it' in their pamphlet documenting missionary efforts in Nigeria:

"Folake left a successful career in journalism to answer God's call to take the gospel to women in purdah--the practice of keeping Muslim women from being seen by any man other than their husbands. They are practically prisoners in their houses. If they go out, they must be completely covered except for their eyes."

As can be seen from this quote, they are motivated by their desire to mislead our brothers and sisters. They want our sisters to walk around exposing themselves shamelessly in the same manner that kafir women do. They want our sisters to leave their homes and wander the streets. They want us to disbelieve in the Revelation and they want to extinguish the light of truth that is Islam. They are calling us to the worship of Taghoot and thus they are calling us to hellfire.

These missionary groups are present in every corner of the Muslim world. World Vision is perhaps one of the most prolific and probably the organisation with which most Australians are familiar, thanks to their sappy media campaign. Many will remember their work during the Somalian famine in which they showed images revealing the Awra of emaciated Muslims and pleaded with us to give them money. Alhamdulillah, the Muslim is kind-hearted and many Muslims donated money to this fund under the illusion it would be used to provide food for the needy. Rest assured that World Vision is not the altruistic humanitarian organisation they would have us believe, but rather a kafir missionary organisation. Their mission is not to alleviate the suffering of those afflicted with hardship, but rather to convert them. In their mission statement, World Vision describe themselves as "an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". World Vision's "Changing Lives" document provides the best insight into their true agenda and should serve as ample warning to the global Muslim community. "We preach Christ crucified not only through the words we share, but through our deeds... (We are) acting as the hand and feet of Jesus... In many cases, new churches are emerging where none existed before, and others are being strengthened." In addition to the many millions of dollars tricked out of the public, this organisation also receives annually over US$30 million from the US government, United Nations and other multilateral agencies to support their evangelism.


Almost all of the world's missionary organisations are targeting Muslims. Frontiers, for example, is a major mission group devoted completely to converting believers. They boast that "through creative approaches, patient sowing, and fearless proclamation, more Muslims have come to Christ in the last 25 years than in the previous 1,400 years combined!" The Mesa, Arizona-based group claims to have 500 missionaries in 30 countries, or about 20% of all North American Protestant missionaries serving among Muslims. Frontiers seeks missionaries for the 90's with the motto: "Muslims. It's their turn. It's all we do. Whatever it takes."

What does it take and what are these "creative approaches"? Murder, sexual assault, kidnapping and calculated deception are a few. More on this later.

Without a doubt however, the Christians are paying their closest attention to Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia. Africa in particular is a major target. The Catholic Pope himself has visited Africa on seven separate occasions as part of his announced plan to transform Africa into a Christian continent by the year 2000. Has the plan of our enemies worked? Well, the Council of Muslims in Africa says that in Malawi, for example, the percentage of Muslims has dropped from 66% to 17% in half a century. Similar figures are found in many other African states. In 1900, there were just 9 million Christians in Africa (9% of the population). In 1980, the population had grown to over 200 million! At this current rate of growth, it can be predicted that by the year 2000, there will be 390 million Christians in Africa, or 48% of the population.


"O you who believe! Take not as your Bitanah (supporters) those outside your religion since they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed, we have made plain to you the ayat if you understand." [3:118]

The methodology of the Chrismissis reflective of the hatred and contempt they hold for Allah and His religion. For instance, when natural disasters or war affects the Muslims, we will find the missionaries salivating at the mouths at the opportunity to convert more believers to their false religion. During famines, you will find them swarming to our lands under the cloak of 'aid' or 'relief' work. They will bring aid and relief but it isn't given to the Muslims for free - it does have a price. The price is commit apostasy and join the fold of Christianity.

It is also a well-known fact that the missionary organisations work in close conjunction with the CIA in a 'you scratch our back, we'll scratch yours' capacity. In the Washington Post, February 22nd, the CIA admitted a "controversial loophole" that permits the agency to "employ clerics and missionaries for clandestine work overseas". This said, one can only imagine what evil the two have perpetrated against humanity over the years! It certainly doesn't fit with the image of the Christian as 'meek and mild', does it?

By far, the most popular long-term method has been to establish front export businesses in order to gain access to the target country. Alhamdulillah, many Muslim nations still do not openly allow missionary organisations in. However, often the Kufar work around this by starting branch offices of companies overseas or enter as consultants. Cindy Brown, an American kafir missionary, speaks with pride of her husband who set up a fake landscaping business in Atlanta, USA: "It's real tough getting into Malaysia because it's such a closed Muslim nation. But the good Lord has been opening doors. We couldn't openly go for a while but then Mike got hired as a consultant with permanent resident status there."

Their photo album shows Mike Bowen landscaping for the Agrigrine Machine &Landscaping Company of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

"The company that hired us is owned by Muslims, but there are some Christians on the Board of Directors who helped us get in. It's kinda funny that a Muslim-owned company has opened the way for us to spread the Gospel in Malaysia. You gotta love the wicked!"

Ahmad Baharrudin of the Malaysian Islamic Study Group, a leading Muslim student organisation, says that the problem of apostasy amongst Muslim Malays, especially young sisters, is alarming. "Every year, the Department of Religious Affairs changes many Muslim names to Christian names", says Baharrudin.


Good old-fashioned Christian deception forms the basis of their evangelism and the inspiration of their weapons in the war against Islam.

If you go to a missionary church in a typical African country you'll find that it resembles a mosque more than the archetypal church. The worshippers stand in rows during prayer and sit on the ground in circles during classes. The traditional pulpit of the preacher has given way to the minbar. When reciting the bible they even use a style of recitation exactly the same as the Qura'nic Tajweed. It's all a calculated deception to ensnare the unsuspecting Muslim into thinking that Christianity is 'not so bad' and 'is just like Islam'.

They have developed material specifically targeting Muslims, for instance the widely distributed "Shahadat Al-Qur'an" book. In this and other books, they quote the Qura'nic verse [An-Nisaa: 171] referring to Jesus (AS) as a Prophet, a Word and a Spirit. They then apply their own satanic tafseer and claim that this refers to the trinity! Of course, this is a lie because Allah blew in Adam (AS) and gave His Word to others besides Jesus (AS) such as Muhammad (s.a.w.). In addition, they publish fabricated stories of Muslims who 'discovered the truth' and became Christian. These stories are distributed in pamphlets and also via radio stations and act to weaken the Iman of the Muslim community.

The Christian missionaries are also attempting to draw many Muslims into their trap through redefining Christianity to something more acceptable to the norms of the believers. In Africa especially, they have made some startling concessions to try and confuse and ensnare the ignorant. For instance, they hold their services on Fridays (Jumu'ah) and they even allow polygamy. You will also find the missionaries use Islamic expressions such as "bismillah" "Jesus Alaihi Salam" and "Allah Subhanah" to decieve the Muslims. They might even go so far as to say that Islam is indeed a religion from God, however Christianity was not abrogated!

It should not be surprising that many Muslims who fall into these traps do not even realize it. For instance, the Christian missionaries are taught not to inform the Muslims that they believe Jesus (AS) is the son of Allah. Instead they might say he is the "spirit of Allah" which is closer to the Islamic understanding.

The "educational aid" provided by these "humanitarian" organisations is a myth. World Vision's "education aid" consists of, according to their documentation, "Bible studies, Christian literature, Sunday School classes, and spiritual counseling". A course in Kufr! Of course, they also give a few classes in conventional subjects such as English (albeit only to such a level that the young Muslim can succumb to the manipulation of Western media), maths, et al. However, the overall thrust of this educational experience is not to produce educated individuals, so much as it is to produce obedient Christians.

In its most extreme form, the Christian church has developed institutions within schools and universities to ensnare Muslims. In recent years, Egyptian Muslims have had a problem with some American missionary organisations capturing young Muslim girls and pressuring them to participate in immoral activities and then photographing them. They then use these photos to blackmail the sisters into taking part in Christian activities such as Sunday school, camps, and so forth. There are now Christian terrorist groups in Egypt that operate with the tacit approval of the state and the funding of the American and European missions; these are usually spread in the country areas with large Christian concentrations.

Perhaps the most insidious method used by the missionaries is to kidnap Muslim children from war-torn countries and sell them to non-Muslims to raise as disbelievers. This problem reached endemic proportions in Bosnia where Christian aid organisations were kidnapping young Muslim children with alarming frequency. Currently, there is a fight in England where Hassan Keranovic, a Bosnian, has attempted to reclaim his grand-daughter, Edita, who was kidnapped. She was then sent to England to be raised to pray to a man who, on the day of judgement, will weep that so many took him as a God. Even though the court ruled the adoption as invalid, they still ordered the child to stay with her adoptive parents because of the 'trauma' of losing her 'new family'. Usually these children are under 3 years old so they are not old enough to know anything about their religion (Islam) and thus accept Christianity and grow up praying to the cross and idols. A similar incident occurred some years ago in Albania where a missionary group bought an orphanage of Muslim children in order to turn them into disbelievers.


"If a good befalls you, it grieves them, but if some evil overtakes you, they rejoice at it. But if you remain patient and become Al-Muttaqun not the least harm will their cunning do to you. Surely, Allah surrounds all that they do." [2:120]

The root of the problem is a failure on our part - a failure to implement Islam correctly on a personal and governmental level. An exposition of this problem is really an article in itself, however, I will attempt to address some of these weaknesses succinctly.

Our personal failures to practice Islam have meant that many Muslims have been easily led astray by the Shaytan. In Africa and Indonesia, for instance, the belief of the common Muslim is a mesh of Islam and paganism. This lack of understanding of true Islam has meant that the well-read Christian missionary could use his or her superior knowledge of our religion to present 'evidences' from our own sources. This evidence naturallytwisted and contorted, however, to the ignorant Muslim it is often highly convincing and casts serious doubt into their hearts. Evidence has come to surface recently in the form of training manuals for Christian missionaries that detail how to do just this.

As an Ummah we have failed many of our brothers and sisters in Islam. The fact that there are many sections of the Muslim community with vast wealth and many sections in abject poverty is an indication of this failure. It sets a scene whereby the Christian missionary can come in and 'save' the Muslim from poverty and destitution by providing food, money, clothing and so forth. Of course the price for this is kufr, but when your family is starving, then that price begins to look more and more like a bargain. Muslims need to support the development of parallel aid organisations that can work instead of the kafir groups bringing Muslim aid to our brothers and sisters in need. By doing so we can force the kafir "out of the market" and ensure that our brothers and sisters are given Muslim aid and Muslim da'wah insha'Allah.

Muslims have been tricked by the emotive pleas for funds issued by World Vision and their ilk. Unknown to most believers who contribute to these groups, they are contributing money to turn their brothers and sisters into apostates. Muslims must be made aware that the Red Cross, World Vision, Salvation Army, Christian Aid, and others are simply evangelist groups. As such it is incumbent on us not to support them, and to work in every way possible to halt the damage they're doing.

On a governmental level there is an incumbent duty for the Islamic State to protect the religion of Islam from attack. The state's foreign policies should prohibit the visitation of missionaries and severe measures should be taken against those caught calling to taghoot. Of course many governments are working in conjunction with the Christian missionaries and kafir powers. For example, the Egyptian apostate regime of Mubarak was pressured by the Coptic minority to remove Qur'an and Hadith from curiculm of the school-system. Another state that has been working in cooperation with our enemies is Uzbekistan. In fact the Uzbek government has shamelessly revealed itself as an open enemy of Allah and the truth. It is truly hard to believe that Uzbekistan is the same land that gave birth to both Imam Bukhari and Tirmidhi. Straight from the horse's mouth (Christian Aid) we hear:

"In fact, when radical Muslim missionaries began coming into Uzbekistan in 1991 to forment change and revolution, the government arrested them as subversives. As of January, 71 were still in jail, but there are no Christians in prison for their faith. Uzbek authorities seem interested in maintaining religious tolerance and don't want one group to get dominance of the other."

In terms of deterrent, the biggest deterrent is to come down hard on these kufar. Just like drug dealers pushing drugs in our neighborhoods, the missionaries are pushing kufr. Weigh the effects of drugs against the effects of apostasy and one finds that whilst the effects of drugs are limited to Dunia, the effects of apostasy will carry a person all the way to the Hellfire.


By Br. Amir Abdullah

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