[This article was published in the 13th issue of Nida'ul Islam magazine (), May - June1996]

The Terrorism Summit in Cairo: An International Conspiracy Against Islam

The latest conference on terrorism which was held in Cairo came as a clear message with respect to the stance of the conspiring and transgressing New World Order towards Islam and its movements. It also stood to confirm the position of the battle between truth and falsehood which will continue until the Word of Allah, along with the manner of Monotheism rise over the entire globe.

The elite of the "peacemakers" aimed to rely on plans, resolutions, and principles which look in the end to serve the purpose of their strategic ally, Israel. This happened in the shade of a salient conspiracy to hit Islam under the guise of the call to counter terrorism.

So what are those resolutions? What will their effect be on the Islamic Middle East.

A Legal and Historical Perspective

Before we delve into the depth of that conspiracy, and its results, it is necessary to take a quick look at these elites in the passage of history, and Allah's rule on them.

Allah Most High says: "Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with you until you follow their form of religion." [2:120], and He also says: "they wished that you would be troubled, hatred has appeared from their mouths, and what their hearts conceal is bigger, indeed We have showed you the signs, if you have understanding." [3:118] The Most High also says: "And they will not stop fighting you until they turn you back from your religion if they can." [2:217] Allah Most High also says: "They are the protecting friends of each other." [5:51] He also says: "And those who have covered up (the Truth) are protecting friends of each other." [8:73]

The preceding verses establish and confirm a constant reality which does not change. This is the natural law, that the people who cover up the Truth will conspire and plot, and show hatred and enmity against the people of faith. As it shows how they gather - in their different creeds and colours - to war against the monotheists who follow the messenger of Allah (s.a.w.).

This reality has been confirmed throughout history. It began with the plot of the Jews of Madinah to murder the Prophet (s.a.w.), and continued with their breaching of their covenants and inciting the Arabs against the nation of Islam in Madinah during the "Ahzab" invasion.Then during the fierce crusades against the land of the Caliphate, and the occupation of the Sacred house and the slaughter of tens of thousands of Muslims etc.

The Downfall of the Caliphate

Our current century has witnessed another cycle of this battle, the victorious in it was the party of rejection and Satan. The Western nations conspired with a group of Masonic apostates, who were members of the Union and Progress party and Young Turkey Party against the Ottoman Caliphate, which led to the downfall of the political presence of Muslims and the dissipation of our authority. This resulted in the exchange of the one strong country with small countries, princedoms, kingdoms, and other small, weak, scattered, and infighting republics, raising banners of rejection and associationism such as nationalist, secular, monarchy, democracy, communism, socialism... etc., taking the whims of people as their way of life and their misguidance as their path.

This was a planned result, the downfall of the Caliphate was not the only goal however, the main goal was to keep this Caliphate absent forever. This would not be achieved unless the creed of monotheism is wiped out from the hearts and the way of Islam is absented from the life. In this way the motivator and the mover for the return of the Caliphate and the establishment of the religion of Allah on the earth would be severed.

With the downfall of the Caliphate, the lands of the Muslims became booty which was claimed by the various enemies of Islam, each wanting to win the biggest share therein.

Britain dominated Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, the Gulf countries, Pakistan, India, and others.. And the mother of treachery France, occupied Algiers, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, and many African countries.. At the time when Communism imposed its decrepit authority over the Muslim republics in Central Asia.

The Establishment of Israel

In the shade of the absence of the defender of Muslim blood, and the watcher over their rights, International Zionism hit, with assistance from the Christian West and its puppets of Arab governors, it also pushed deep its poisoned dagger in the heart of the Islamic nation, and a country of the Jews was established in the holy land. So it became a secure place for all Jews from all over the world to gather.

The role of Britain and America in establishing that country is not a secret to anybody, neither is the financial assistance of the Christian West to it in all its wars, and in its efforts for armament, widening, and dominion. The conspiring position of the United Nations where it does not act out its resolutions when it passes these, remaining mere ink on paper is also salient.

Many massacres and slaughters passed, and the wars of 1948, 56, 67, 73, then the invasion of Lebanon in 1982, and the latest massacres in Southern Lebanon in the shade of complete Western partisanship with Israel. Through this Israel ascertained what it desired of strategic goals, so it took the international Port of 'Aqaba, then it occupied East Jerusalem including the Farthest Mosque, and guaranteed its superiority through occupying the Golan Heights. Then through the occupation of Lebanon, it achieved two strategic goals in addition to dispersing the forces of the PLO, these are firstly, the domination of the water sources in Lebanon, and secondly, taking a section of Lebanon as a shield. This was followed by the migration of the Soviet and other Jews and the building of settlements for them.

Then was the Madrid Peace Conference which was a historical event that preoccupied the West in its entirety. This was followed by various other conferences and agreements giving Israel more and more.

Israel - A black Criminal History

The recent Martyrdom missions in Palestine were the main reason for the holding of the Cairo Conference. The Zionist, Christian, and "Islamic" media succeeded in describing these operations as criminal and terrorist, and in putting forward the Israeli as the oppressed, and transgressed victims.

For this reason it is necessary to remember the crimes of these people who established their country through the terrorist gangs such as "Itsel", "Stern", "Belmakh", "Argun", and "Hagana".. etc.

The file of the Jews is full of terrorist activities, of murder, ambush, imprisonment, torture, exile, occupation, massacres, bombardments of residential houses, burning and destruction of villages and farms, expulsions, deportations, etc... It will suffice to mention a small section of these operations:

  • March 1937: Attack with grenades at an Arab suburb in Jafa killing and wounding 10 people.

  • November 1937: Firing at an Arab bus in a Jewish street killing two women and one man.

  • December 1937: Hurling a grenade at the vegetable market near Naples killing tens of people.

  • July 1938: Setting off two car bombs in the markets of Hifa killing and wounding 73 Muslims.

  • July 1938: Hurling a grenade at the congregation in front of a mosque in Jerusalem killing and wounding 30.

  • July 1938: Hurling a grenade in one of the markets of Hifa killing 47 Arabs.

  • August 1938: Setting off a car bomb in the Jerusalem Market killing 34 and wounding 35.

  • June 1939: Kidnapping 5 from the village of Balad Alshaykh and killing them.

  • June 1939: Attacking 6 Arab buses in Tel Aviv, Rahoubout, and Yatah Takfa.

  • September 1946: ransacking and robbing the Ottoman Bank in Tel Aviv and Hifa.

  • March 1947: Destroying Fuel Depots in Hifa.

    The Jewish gangs also carried out many similar attacks which would need several volumes to present. However, as for the crimes of the Israeli army, Mossad, Shin Bet, and the Settler Gangs, these are some of them:

  • December 1947: A massacre in Balad Alshaykh, in which sixty were killed most of whom were women and children.

  • April 1948: The massacre in Dayr Yaseen near Jerusalem, where 254 civilians were killed.

  • February 1948: The massacre of Dualma west of Khalil city where hundreds of the village people were killed.

  • February 1948: A second massacre in the same village where 75 elderly were killed whilst on their way to the mosque to pray, in addition to the massacre of 35 families who were hiding in a cave in the village.

  • January 1952: Killing 275 people most of whom were civilians in Khan Yunus at the hands of the soldiers.

  • October 1953: The massacre of Qabiyya where an Israeli force attacked the village of Qabiyya destroying 41 houses and schools and killed 69 men women and children in a beastly manner.

  • April 1956: Bombardment by the Israeli army of Gaza killing 56 civilians and 103 others.

  • November 1956: An attack by the Israeli forces at a refugee camp killing 111 people.

  • March 1962: attack with artillery and jets at the Syrian village of Alnaqeeb killing 30 people.

  • February 1968: Bombardment by Israeli jets of over 15 refugee villages and camps by the Jordan river with Napalm bombs killing 56 people and wounding 82 while 70,000 citizens were forced to flee to Jordan.

  • December 1968: Israeli forces attacked Beirut International Airport destroying 13 civil planes.

  • November 1969: Israeli forces attacked the village of Alsamou' in Khaleel and bombarded tens of houses, a school and a mosque, and killed and wounded more than 130 people. This attack was condemned by the UN Security Council with resolution number 288.

  • April 1970: An Attack by Israeli jets against the Bahr Albaqr Primary School in Egypt killing 47 pupils.

  • October 1976: A Massacre in Kafr Qasem where 29 Muslims were killed.

  • 1982: Displacement of 600,000 Lebanese citizens through the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, in addition to the Sabra and Shatila massacre where 3,500 Palestinians were killed.

  • March 1983: Israeli citizens carried out a poisoning operation aimed at killing thousands of male and female school children in the West Bank.

  • March 1983: An Israeli military jet shot down a Libyan passenger plane on its way to Cairo killing 106 of its passengers.

  • January 1984: Attempts were made to destroy the ALAqsa Mosque.

  • More than 25 operations were carried out to assassinate leaders of Palestinian and Islamic groups in Palestine, Lebanon, and many other countries of the world, the most recent of which were the assassinations of Fathi Alshaqaqy and Yahya 'Ayyash, may Allah bless them.

  • April 1990: the Alaqsa Mosque massacre which was carried out by Jewish soldiers where 22 Muslims were killed.

  • February 1994: The massacre of the Ibrahimi Mosque carried out by a group of settlers killing 60 worshippers and wounding 200 others.

  • April 1995: A massacre in Southern Lebanon at the Fijian UN peacekeeping centre, which resulted in the killing of over 100 civilians mostly women and children.

    It is worthy of mention that the Jews were the first to use poison gases in the Middle East, whereby the Khabala Gas was used in at least three battles in the South of Lebanon.

    By: Jihad Abdul-Muntasir

    The Summit's Motives & Goals

    When the United States of America declared its new enemy, after the fall of the second world order - which is the first enemy with the blessings of the Zionists, it began with a chain of moves and policies aiming through which to entrench the idea that Islam is the only danger which is come to destroy them, and the West.

    All political and media resources rushed hastily to share in inciting these policies through intellectual studies, such as the view of the Jew Samuel Huntington to the battle between the cultures, and the intense media activities through articles, movies, and television programs, all working with the same aim.

    It is elementary knowledge that the Jewish government is the essential facilitator for all the Christian conspiracies in the Islamic regions. In this respect the United States has worked in association with Israel to enforce a plot which aims to firmly establish the Zionist presence through the Middle East Project. Its first steps began with the Madrid Conference, and continued with various treaties and what is now being labeled as the peace summit.

    The various conspiring nations began to pour into the boiling pot which they falsely labeled as peace, they fell one after the other for many reasons which solely serve their own interests. One of these is the fact that these regimes fundamentally rely on these conspiring forces, at the pinnacle of these is the United States of America.

    All these seem to have forgotten that this Islamic land has people and youth who will struggle and who have vowed their own lives for the pleasure of Allah the Exalted and Elevated. They are and will struggle to return the rights to their owners and to repel the invaders. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad began their struggle against the Zionist enemy recording continuing successes despite the size of the conspiracy and the sides participating therein, and despite the tremendous means which the conspirators have devoted to achieve their goals.

    The situation swung between repositioning and retreats until the Zionists and their partners in the "peace" process believed that the situation has stabilized for them. Then a chain of events appeared which turned the scales and threatened the so called "peace".

    The Internal situation in Israel

    The Most High says: "You would calculate that they are together, however, their hearts are in different directions." (AlHashr; 14). The Jewish population represents, as the Noble Qur'an has informed us, the true example of a dispersion collected from all corners of the world. They remain dispersed, this is evident in the dangerous divisions in the Israeli society, and the disputes between its different intellectual and racial parties. This surfaced after the assassination of Rabin at the hands of one of the Jews in the name of the Zionist government and in the name of bent Judaism.

    Amidst the bemused mass of the Jews at the assassination of the head of the Israeli government, at the hand of a Jew, the Zionist leadership pursued their plans which are not restricted to a particular person, but adhere to a policy which they all work to fulfill, away from the apparent divisions, in order to reach their set goal which had been declared in the Zinaguoge, and which aims to establish the Jewish state from the Nile to the Euphrates.

    In view of the Islamic resistance being the most difficult obstacle in this equation, it was crucial to dismantle it after the failure of the apostatic puppet Arafat to subdue it. So Jewish terrorists assassinated Fathy Alshaqaqy, the leader of the Islamic Jihad, he was then followed by the martyr Yahya 'Ayyash one of the pillars of one of the 'Izzuddin Alqassam groups. The tragedy was more for Israel through the Martyrdom missions which proved, the impotence of the Israeli security myth. The Jihad movement in these missions were able to penetrate all obstacles and sever Jewish security precautions in order to reach their ascertained goals. At these, the reality of the gathered peoples of Israel appeared through the wave of terror and anxiety which afflicted them after the Jihad missions in Quds, 'Asqlan, and Tel Aviv. It thus became imperative to act quickly to rescue the Israeli - American plot, hence the birth of "The International summit of the Peacemakers" in Sharam Alshaykh in Cairo. The conference lasted a single day and involved 38 nations amongst which were 14 despotic Arabic regimes which were; Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algiers, Mauritania, the Gulf states, including the Saud Regime, Yemen, and the Arafat protectorate, in addition to western countries, including the sponsor of the conference, the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Spain, and Israel.

    The True motives of the conference.

    It is not difficult for an observer of the latest events to discern that the summit of the terror (peace) makers did not aim at condoling the Jewish people for the victims of the jihad operations only. In fact they are a chain of goals where the United States and Israel strived to take advantage of the explosive situation to arrive at. These may be summarized as follows:

    a - Imposing the security of Israel on the Islamic region in a determined manner. So any person who submits to Israeli demands of occupying territories and expelling people is a lover of peace, or a maker of peace. As for someone whether a people, a nation, or a movement, who is against this unjust and transgressing treaty, this person is not an enemy to Israel, the transgressing nation, or to the policies of the New American World only, this person is in fact an enemy to peace!

    This clarifies the rush of most of the despotic Arabic countries to the conference to offer their submission to their lord in the white house. This plainly obvious in their press releases during and after the conference. The Egyptian despot declared that "the choice of his country is peace", and that it "would not submit to its enemies who are attempting to sow the seeds of division, hatred and destruction."

    b - The new definition of the Middle Eastern

    This region is no longer Islamic in the current dictionary, instead, it is a middle east. In an attempt to snatch the region from its history, religion, and culture, and to subdue it to a strange lexicon, the main priority of which is to estrange the people from their civilization, and to domesticate them in preparation for the enactment of the political, economic, and cultural "peace" conspiracies. A situation where Israel would naturally be the government of this Middle Eastern Region. It becomes incumbent on all the Middle Eastern countries to submit to the Despot in Washington. This is certainly a very dangerous development for this part of our Islamic nation, and the Jewish nation has strived since its inception to establish these definitions, viz. that it is a part of this region, and not a transgressing nation established on systematic terrorism, and that it is an advanced democracy amidst the Western refuse, the leaders of which work for its protection.

    c - Striking at the Islamic Jihad movements.

    This is the authentic reason for holding the summit. The final declaration to "support the organization of efforts to stop the "terror" missions at the bipartisan, regional, and international levels of... Requiring the efforts of all sides to prevent the usage of their territories for Terrorist activities, and to prevent terrorist organizations from enlisting more members, purchasing weapons, and acquiring funds."

    The resolutions of the conference demanded the participants in an open manner to work to stop "terrorist" attacks. However, the goal here was not to incite these despotic regimes to strike at Islam in the name of terrorism. In reality, it aims at giving Israel first, the green light, and the legal international card blanche to strike at Islamic movements not only in Palestine, but also in other areas, as we are seeing today with all out bombardment of civilian sites and the massacres of civilians in Lebanon. This we will also see in the terrorist attacks which the Jews are preparing against the Islamic movements in the region.

    From here we begin to understand the quick visit by the American president to Israel and his meeting with its highest defense council and his declaration that his country will assist Israel with the most advanced electronic surveillance equipment valued at 100 million dollars. As if a statement to the Islamic movement that the Untied States is determined to carry out its future plans for this region, and that it is prepared to exert all that is within its power to guarantee this. Even if this requires the declaration of war against Islam and whatever this war requires whether through the media, politics, or sustenance???.

    The United States has indeed begun this rabid attack through continuous statements to the nations which "support terrorism" in the region, at the head of this are Iran and Sudan, and the exerted effort to impose economic sanctions against Sudan in addition to the fueling of a war on its borders with Uganda, and lately with Ethiopia, and what this country is doing with starving the Muslim Iraqi people working to these ignominious plots. This is accompanied by a large number of political activities in the international security council against the regimes which do not pledge submission to the American house. etc...

    The Jewish government has sped to fulfill this against the Palestinian Muslims through what is labeled as self rule, as they isolated it, starved it, and degraded it, all this in the name of fighting terrorism and the subdual of its activities.

    This ignominious gathering departed to meet again after thirty days to gauge the adherence of the participants to the strategies of cutting the funds to the Islamic movements in accordance with Americá - Israeli orders.

    The participants in the conference have not forgotten the tune of fighting terrorism, even with respect to distant lands, for example, the new Russian Tzar Yeltsin describing the Islamic revolution in Chechnya and the liberation fighters as "terrorist militias", and he is the criminal who will not stop at devastating the country and massacring its people in order to achieve his personal goals.

    d - Electoral goals.

    The American president Bill Clinton has attempted to take advantage of the summit for his political ends, thus guaranteeing the security of Israel against terrorism will improve his political standing as he is ever watchful for the Jewish vote in America. Particularly after his abysmal failures in the internal and foreign political arenas, whilst he is exhausting all his efforts to stand against the Republican candidate. The situation is similar for Shimon Perez, these efforts have helped him reclaim some popularity with the electorate after the losses he suffered through the Martyrdom missions, and the pressure he faced to stop these.

    e - Creating a quick strike through the Islamic region

    This surfaces in the phenomenon of participation of the Arabs, and the statements in support of Israel against the terrorist attacks. This reached the stage of the Arab countries offering an apology to the Jewish government for their resistance during the preceding fifty years. Thus, Shimon Perez met in an open manner with representatives of the regimes in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Yemen, as has Perez and Yehud Barak met with Yusuf Ben Ali the foreign affairs minister of Oman. Further, Perez had shaken hands for the first time with Saud Alfaysal, the foreign affairs minister of Saudi Arabia. All this at a time when Abdullah Ben Khalifa Aal Thany, an interior minister in Qatar officially invited Perez to visit Qatar at his convenience.

    At the same time, reliable sources have informed that Israel has given the Arabic countries a list of names of people they desire to deport from the Arab countries. As has the American foreign minister Christopher succeeded in signing the Arabic countries to an agreement to expel members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

    Observers believe that Israel will demand in the future, information and lists of all Islamic organizations working in Arabic countries under the excuse of their support for terrorism, and their enmity to Israel and its security.

    The outcome

    The movers behind the International terror summit suspect that they have established to the satisfaction of the western elites the dominance of the United States and the Zionist over the governing regimes in the Islamic countries.

    However, they are fooling themselves if they believe that they have subdued our Muslim people and the Islamic Jihad movements to that despotic expectation which aims to subdue the entire world to the New World Order in every field, whether political, economic, or cultural. That is they believe that they have forced the Western culture which has proved its impotence and ignorance upon the entire world.

    The Muslim world has witnessed throughout its long history, many invasions, all of which were destroyed against the rock of faith in Allah, the reliance on Him, and the struggle for His pleasure.

    Further, the new crusade which is supported by the apostate Arabic regimes will end in failure with the permission of Allah. The transgressing country with its history of terrorism will not be able to remain in our Islamic land. It has been preceded by countries which were stronger than it, however, they all failed in establishing their feet, despite their crimes and terror.

    The fate of the Jewish country in Palestine will not be better than the fate of its predecessors. It will never be able to impose its will against the people in the shade of the blessed Islamic resurgence which has prepared the way for the Islamic Jihad movements, and which now strike fear amongst the enemies of Allah in the entire region.

    America and all its electronics and advanced technology will never succeed in standing in the face of a Mujahid who has preferred everlasting life in the highest paradise.. Their terror and starvation will never stand in the face of a Mujahid who has sold his self to Allah the Exalted and the Elevated.

    The war is ongoing between Islam and the enemies of Allah, whether declared by Clinton, Perez, Alhassan, or others of the dwarfs amongst the Arabs, and it will continue until the land is purified from their filth, and the word of Allah is raised high again, at that time the believers will be happy with the succour of Allah. "Allah has decreed, I will overcome, I and my messengers, Allah is indeed All Powerful, All Exalted." (Almujadela; 21).

    Late addition

    It seems that the first strategy of the conference is that all the participating countries enforce the instruction of the new world order to lie impotently whilst Israel bombards and massacres the civilian population of North Lebanon. Perhaps through this, they are preparing the way for the Greater Israel, which - God willing - will never be established.

    By Br. Abdul Rahman At-Tarabulsi

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